Case Studies


  • High River Resources Ltd. (A TSX listed company in gold mining industry)
  • Brohm Resources Inc. (A TSX listed company in mining industry)
  • IPO for Guangdong Fokai Express Way Project in China
  • Massive Villas Development Project Named Vancouver Forest in Beijing, China
  • Hampton Place Development in Harbin, China
  • Urban Re-zoning and Planning Project in Chongqing, China
  • Beibuwan International Financial Centre Development Project in Beihai, China

Vancouver Forest

In 2004, New Asia Capital Consultants Inc. partnered with Beijing Capital Land Ltd., the first Chinese real estate enterprise listed abroad (HKSE), and launched the then largest Canada-China jointly developed single-family development project named Vancouver Forest. The large scale villa community, which contains more than 800 wooden-frame detached houses, is located at the core intersection of the three renowned villa sites, namely Wenyuhe, Yabei and Xiaotangshan. With the adoption of Canadian building materials, building standard and construction techniques in mind, the entire project was planned and coordinated by New Asia Capital Consultants Inc. Moreover, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp (CMHC) was greatly involved in supporting and promoting this project. Project Vancouver Forest was included in CMHC brochure as a showcase of Canada-China joint real estate development.

High River Resources Ltd.

High River Resources Ltd. is a mid-sized gold mining company located in Manitoba, Canada. High River was incorporated in 1987 by Mr. David Yue, owner of New Asia Capital Consultants Inc., with Snow Lake Gold Mine being its major project. After partnered with Inco Limited, High River Resources Ltd. reached an annual production capacity of over 70,000 ounce of gold. Directed by Mr. David Yue, High River Resources Ltd. was listed and traded on the main board of Toronto Stock Exchange, and was considered a successful example of Canadian junior mining industry.

Brohm Resources Inc.

Founded by Mr. David Yue, owner of New Asia Capital Consultants Inc., Brohn Resources Inc. is a Vancouver based mineral development company. After a series of mergers and acquisitions, Brohm Resources Inc. became one of the largest gold mine operators in North America in the 1980s. In 1987, Mr. Yue raised and invested in Brohm Resources Inc. for over US$ 37 million; and on September 15th the same year, Brohm Resources Inc. became a public company and was listed and traded on the main board of Toronto Stock Exchange. The company owned development rights of 4 gold mines, and has a collective annual production of 130,000 ounce of gold.