About Us

New Asia Group consists of two aspects of operations, namely New Asia Realty Inc. and New Asia Capital Consultants Inc..

New Asia Capital Consultants Inc. has been specialized in Corporate Finance, IPO, PIPE and Corporate Restructuring for over 20 years. Our team possesses profound knowledge and extensive experience in providing funding support and restructuring publicly listed companies in Canada and Hong Kong. In addition, New Asia Capital Consultants Inc. also conducts direct investment and financial arrangement to Canadian and Mainland Chinese projects through private equity funds. New Asia has been focusing on building bridges of capitals and investment opportunities between North America and Asia Pacific and offering our clients the valuable insights in both areas.

In the past 20 years, New Asia’s portfolio included:

• High River Resources Ltd. (A TSX listed company in gold mining industry)
• Brohm Resources Inc. (A TSX listed company in mining industry)
• IPO for Guangdong Foping Express Way Project in China
• Biggest Single-family Residential Development Project Named Vancouver Forest in Beijing, China
• Hampton Place Development in Hulan District, Harbin city, China
• Urban Re-zoning and Planning Project in Nan’an District of Chongqing city, China
• Beibuwan International Financial Centre Development Project in Beihai, China