David Yue

–Founder and chairman of the New Asia Group.

  • 30 years of leadership in the Canadian real estate and equity investment industry.
  • Involvement in landmark Canadian properties such as the Shaw Tower, Fairmont Pacific Rim, Shangri La Toronto, and TELUS Garden.
  • Annual condominium presales of over CAD $100 million over the past 5 years.

–Formed the first ever Sino-Canadian joint venture in real estate development with the Beijing Capital Group in 2003.

  • Built over 800 environmentally sustainable, Canadian-detached styled homes in Beijing.

–Founder of High River Resources, Ltd., a gold producing mining company in North America, and Brohm Resources Inc.,both are Toronto listed mining companies.

–Assisted the Harbin and Chongqing governments in municipal rezoning projects.

–As a director of BC Hydro International, advised the British Columbia government on overseas investments in various power plant and hydro projects. BC Hydro International is a Crown Corporation and also one of the biggest enterprises in British Columbia.

–As one of the founders and Honorary Chairman of Canada China Chamber of Industry and Commerce Association, Mr.Yue had significant contributions to Sino-Canadian business development, including the organization of “Zhong Hua Qing” Gala in Vancouver in 2008.

Pang Paul

1995, ( New Asia capital Consultants Inc. )  2007, ( New Asia Realty Inc. )37,

- 1977,Goodrich

- 1981,Pacific Place

- 1982,Paul Pang

- 1983,Pang & Yee

 - 1991,Pont-Pacific  Pont-Pacific B.C,27

-1990-1992,Belmont Resource Inc. Belmont Resource Inc VSE

-1991-1992,2000-2003,擔任Norsemont Resource Inc.。Norsemont Resource Inc.VSE

-Pacific Link Capital Inc.。Pacific Link Capital Inc. TSX-V


-1986 Pau Vancouver Expo 86

-2006 (Asia-Pacific CEO AssociationCanadaAPCEO Robert Hawke Dominique de Villepin


Howard Li (General Manager)

  • Howard has more than 10 years experiences in business consulting and investment industries. Prior to joining New Asia, Howard was an investment director in a Hong Kong financial advisory firm focusing corporate finance, corporate restructuring and reverse take-over related to public listed companies.
  • Howard received his MBA degree from the University of British Columbia (UBC)in 2008.

Janey Wong (Executive Administrator)

Janey Wong has been in the customer-relation industry for over 10 years. Before joining New Asia Group, Janey joined MGM Resorts International and held executive and senior level position in sales and marketing. She maintained good relationship with customers which allowed her to fulfill sales promotion / marketing events target for MGM Resorts in Las Vegas.

Kelei Fang (Sales Manager)

Kelei Fang is a Sales Manager at New Asia Group for all real estate projects. She graduated from the University of Nottingham in UK, with Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting and Management. She also gained her Master’s degree in International Businesses from Aston University. After graduation she moved to Vancouver and started to work for New Asia Group, and has built 8 years’ experience in the real estate business.